New plaster additions launched spet 2014

Invisible & Integrated Lighting

A line of technical illumination and lighting adaptable for all spaces and environments Lighting thought and designed for wall and ceiling integration, with the objective of gaining invisible illumination and perfectly-integrated spaces.

Because the lighting fixtures are made of special-component plaster and alloys, walls and ceilings can be painted the same colours and tones, fusing complete lighting integration on surfaces where the lights are placed, and creating an almost invisible lighting aspect.

Inesplast® is the material used in this series and has been specially researched and developed so that the plaster’s own characteristics are added with other benefits such as heat resistance and thermal shock, as well as long-lasting resistance and endurance.

The variety of shapes, forms and interior elements can utilise halogen, incandescent, energy-efficient, or LED lighting to satisfy the needs of decorators, interior designers, architects and engineers.

This collection exalts the beauty and purity of white when fully integrated in décor. With the help of just a little plasterwork, we are able to make the light become almost invisible, becoming a part of the wall of ceiling.

In addition to obtaining full light integration, this material also aids other materials because it will not change with time or due to environmental factors, it is non-conductive, inflammable, non-toxic, and can be washed or repainted.