Ineslam sign FW Lighting as sole UK distributor

INDUSTRIAL ESPAÑOLA DE LÁMPARAS (Ineslam) the Spanish plaster lighting manufacturer has launched an additional selection of architectural “plaster in” luminaries for the specialist lighting sector.

Ineslam manufacture technical, architectural and decorative plaster lighting using their own patented plaster system Inesplast®. Inesplast® has been developed to meet the specific demands of today’s lighting technologies and current building requirements. Ineslam products have high heat resistance and low thermal heat transfer, the plaster is also non-conductive, inflammable and non-toxic, and can be washed and/or painted.

Founded in 1962, Ineslam has been characterised by its innovative character and approach to the manufacture of plaster lighting. At Ineslam, experience, technology and design are combined to give form to light.