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Ineslam is characterised by its innovative approach to converting light into architecture and art. Formed in 1962 in Spain, Ineslam have a long heritage of manufacturing lighting to give form to light.

Ineslam specialise in the production of architectural plaster lighting, both decorative and technical they also offer a diverse range of interior decorative and technical lighting using alternative materials such as glass, aluminium and methacrylate.

Inesplast® is the material used in this series of plaster lights and has been specially researched and developed so that the plaster’s own characteristics are supplemented with other benefits such as low thermal conductivity, high resistance to shock, long-lasting resistance and endurance to change due to environmental factors. The finished plaster used is also non-conductive, inflammable, non-toxic, and can be washed or repainted.

All our plaster lights are suitable for use with LED, metal halide, fluorescent and halogen light sources and come in the form of flush plaster in lights, trim-less lights, linear wall lights, direct and indirect lights and curved and decorative designs, including the Modernist line of wall fittings inspired by the style of the great artist and architect Antonio Gaudi.

Our line of technical lighting is adaptable for all spaces and environments and is designed with the objective of blending almost invisibly into walls and ceiling surfaces.