Elektra lighting

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ELEKTRA is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the field of lighting, power connectivity and convertor systems for use by retail designers, manufacturers and furniture producers (KBB).  For over 35 years we have been developing and engineering technological advances in this field, producing the highest quality products to an ever increasing International market place. 

We create products to meet the specific needs of shop fit-out clients, furniture manufacturers and lighting specialists, often re-branding product with our clients own identity.    Elektra uk’s Rapid prototyping and short delivery (from our German headquarters) are just two of the many reasons why we are often asked to collaborate with many leading International retail and shop design companies.

Our patented mini-plug connector system D8, allows connection to all of our luminaires, providing full interconnection of all devices, be they 12V, 24V or 230V.   Easy to install and VDE safe, our “plug & play” connection systems cater for all eventualities.   Mini-plug D8 can also be supplied with EU compliant halogen-free cable, guaranteeing they comply with the most stringent IEC 60332-1 legislation and, making them suitable for use in public buildings.  As a reference, our D8 mini-plug system is used worldwide in Heinemann duty-free shops.

ELEKTRA incorporates the latest LEDs in there compact and slim-line luminaires, many using integrated drivers that allow direct connection to 230v via our safe, double pole connecting systems.   Also available from our portfolio are electrical track systems, switches, controls and drivers, all of which are inter-connectable and complete the package, making using our systems a quick, simple and efficient process.

ELEKTRA are an official “EnabLED“ licensee of Philips LED technologies.  By becoming a member we highlight the philosophy of not only acknowledging Intellectual Property Rights but honouring them monetarily, ensuring using and benefitting of the IP rights is now permanently secured.   All ELEKTRA LED products are included in the license and therefore are reliably available on the market.  Our clients can be confident in the fact that we use patented and legally protected high level technologies only.

“Elektra, form and function in design”