Contract Quality Hotel, Public Area, Leisure, Restaurant, Café, Bar and Retail Furniture Lighting

FW Lighting represents “the lighting collective”, a group of independent European lighting manufacturers producing lighting for use across all sectors of the lighting industry.

Our collection is both diverse but selective, focusing on new and innovative products for interior designers, architectural practices and specialist lighting designers for hospitality and high-value domestic properties, through to retail display lighting and furniture (KBB) manufacturers.
Each of our partners embraces the latest practises and methodologies relating to innovation in technological, sustainable manufacture and design throughout their production processes. 

Below is a brief overview of each of our partners:

Baulmann Leuchten are a family owned company producing contract quality bespoke, decorative interior lighting for hotels, private residences, cruise liners, restaurants, bars, cafes, spa’s and commercial and retail premises.
Baulmann products comprise LED edge lit bathroom mirrors, guestroom and corridor lighting including, LED reading lights, floor standing, wall and ceiling lighting.   Baulmann uk also manufacture large public area lighting to a client’s own designs, and all produced in Germany.

The Baranska Design Studio is one of the most technologically advanced manufacturers of fused glass lighting in Europe. Baranska produce bespoke decorative interior lighting, public area lighting, sculptures and art installations, also, architectural and customised decorative glass wall art for public (and private) art commissions.
Baranska uk also specialise in the field of decorative fused glass, often working with all types of glass, including structural and curved glass, safety laminated and printed glass, suitable for creating balustrades, partitioning, wall cladding and decorative glass flooring.

Calemide is a family owned company based in Castelfranco Veneto, Italy, and they are a producer of high quality decorative interior lighting. The unique creations from Calemide’s Light Jewels collection have a very emotional appeal, and it’s immediately apparent that their designs are created with passion. The artistry and vision demonstrated by Calemide’s designers show their craft and skill and also their deep understanding of the culture and tradition that is Italian design. True to their motto “Living a better life with perfect light”, Calemide creates decorative light fixtures that meet the requirements of interior designers creating hotels, restaurants, bars and private residential interiors. All collections are of contract quality, and for the hospitality sector are fully customisable, making Calemide the perfect lighting partner.  

Crestani Ceramiche are a family owned, Italian artisan manufacturer specialising in ceramics. Crestani create and produce using a variety of design influences including traditional, baroque, classic/reinterpreted, modern chic, contemporary, and “POP”.
The strengths of Crestani Ceramics lay in the detail and style of their hand decorated designs many, born from collaborations with leading creative designers.  Crestani are not typical ceramic producers either, they relish the opportunity to experiment as can be found in the Glare Collection, which is adorned with Swarovski crystals.
Crestani uk also provides prototyping services and special made (short run) products with custom finishes. As standard, they produce ceramic sculptures, ceramic vases and pots, ceramic tables, ceramic floor lighting and table lamps as well as ceramic objects such as totems and animals and all, individually hand decorated.

Ineslam are a Spanish manufacturer of decorative plaster lighting and architectural lighting for use in hotels, restaurants, retail, leisure and commercial premises and domestic properties. Products include trimless plaster ceiling down lights, “plaster in” wall lights, plaster trough lighting up and down plaster lights, invisible plaster lighting, linear and channel plaster lighting. 
Ineslam uk also supply a diverse decorative collection of pendant, wall, table and floor lights for use in restaurants, bars, Cafes and private homes.   

ELEKTRA is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the field of lighting, power connectivity and LED convertor systems for use by retail designers, shop fit manufacturers and KBB furniture producers. 
For over 35 years ELEKTRA have been developing and engineering technological advances in lighting, producing the highest quality products to an ever increasing International market place. 
We create products to meet the specific needs of shop fit-out clients, furniture manufacturers of shop in shop displays and lighting design specialists, providing the international market with rapid prototyping with short lead-times.   

AVE is an Italian manufacturer of Hotel and guest room automation systems that centrally monitor manage and control a hotels automation system via its fully featured and customisable software. Control room access, service functions and status, air conditioning, interior lighting, power and data, audio and curtain control using AVE’s extensive range of touch sensitive and rocker switch controls.


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